49th Ave Self Storage Agreement


3850 49TH AVENUE
PHONE (916) 421-0440

Unit: [[UNIT]]    

Move In Date: [[DATE]]

Phone (Primary): [[CUSTOMER_PHONE_NUMBER]]
Social Security #: [[SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER]]
Driver’s License #: [[DRIVERS_LICENSE_NUMBER]]

Please provide the name and address of another person to whom the Preliminary Lien Notice and subsequent notices may be sent.

Alternate Name:[[ALTERNATE_CONTACT]]
Alternate Address: [[ALTERNATE_ADDRESS]]

Are you or your spouse on active duty military service? Yes ____ No ____

Space #: [[UNIT]] - Access Code: [[GATE_KEY]]

Rent of [[RENT]] Due on the 1ST of the month

Late Payment Fee (10 days past due):
(1) Fifteen dollars ($15), if the rental agreement provides for monthly rent greater than sixty dollars ($60), but less than one hundred dollars ($100).
(2) Twenty dollars ($20) or 15 percent (15%) of the monthly rental fee, whichever is greater, if the rental agreement provides for monthly rent of one hundred dollars ($100) or more.
Pre-Lien Notice (14 days past due): $30.00 Lien Notice (30 days past due): $30.00
Auction/Inventory Fee: $110.00 Return Check Charge: $39.00
Vacate Notice Not Given: $40.00 Not Leaving Unit Broom Clean: $40.00
After Hours Exit Fee: $120.00 Trash/Item Removal Fee: $120.00 + Any fees associated with the removal of items (i.e. cost for junk haul and dump fees)
Lock Cut Fee: $40.00
Damage To Unit/Excessive cleaning (Labor and Materials): $*TO BE DETERMINED AT TIME OF VACATING


Administrative charge: $ ________________ 
Prorated rent: $ _________________
Rent: $ _________________
Pro-Rated Insurance: $_______________
Lock: $ _________________

TOTAL MOVE-IN COST: $ _________________

*If a vehicle of any kind including but not limited to a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle please print and fill out the information below:

Make: ____________________________
Model: ____________________________
Year: ____________________________
Motor Vehicle* V.I.N. or H.I.N No.: ____________________________
Watercraft License No.: ____________________________
Trailer Length: ____________________________
Other Color(s): ____________________________

OCCUPANT agrees that the stored property is owned solely by the OCCUPANT and is free and clear of all prior liens except for:

Description: _______________________________________________
Lien holder or Secured Party: _______________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________
City: _______________________________________________
State: _________ Zip: _____________
Contact Phone Number for lien holder: _______________________


Business Name: ______________________________________________
Occupant’s Title: ______________________________________________
Alternative Contact Person: ______________________________________________
Name: ______________________________________________
Relationship: ______________________________________________
Street: ______________________________________________
City: ______________________________________________
State: _______________ Zip: _________________

(Name of Ownership Entity) , DBA: (hereinafter Owner) rents to Occupant the storage space indicated above pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

NOTICE OF LIEN: Pursuant to the California Self-Service Storage Facility Act your property will be subject to a claim of lien for unpaid rent and other charges and may even be sold to satisfy the lien if rent and other charges due remain unpaid for fourteen (14) consecutive days.

LIEN NOTIFICATION BY ELECTRONIC MAIL: Lien notices may be sent to the occupant and to the alternate by electronic mail.


OWNER’S RIGHT TO TOW: Pursuant to the California Self-Service Storage Act, Owner also has the right to tow a vehicle, watercraft or trailer from the facility when rent and other charges are 60 or more days past due.
PREMISES: OWNER hereby leases to OCCUPANT and OCCUPANT rents from OWNER, on the terms and conditions herein set forth, the self storage facility described above, or the vehicle space described above, herein called "the premises". The premises shall be used solely for the purpose of storage pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement and for no other purposes whatsoever.
TERM: The term of the tenancy shall commence on the date indicated above and shall continue until terminated on a month-to-month basis. The minimum rental term is one month.
RENT: The rent shall be the amount stated above and paid to Owner at the address stated above. Rent is due each month on the due date in advance and without demand. The first payment of rent will be prorated to the first of the month plus next month’s rent. Owner reserves the right to require that rent and other charges be paid in cash, certified check or money order. Owner may change the monthly rent or other charges by giving Occupant fifteen (15) days advanced written notice by first-class mail or by email at the postal address or email address stated in this agreement. The new rent shall become effective on the next date rent is due. If Occupant has made advanced rental payments, the new rent will be charged against such payments, effective upon giving notice of the new rate.
PARTIAL RENT PAYMENTS: Owner, at Owner’s sole discretion, may accept or reject partial rent payments. Acceptance of partial rent payments by Owner shall not constitute a waiver of Owner’s rights and Occupant understands and agrees that acceptance of a partial rent payment made to cure a default for non-payment of rent shall not delay or stop foreclosure on Occupant’s stored property as provided by the California Self-service Storage Facility Act. The OWNER reserves the right to require that any past due payment be made in cash, cashier's check, or money order.
CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Occupant must provide address changes to Owner in writing. Such change will become effective when received by Owner. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to verify that Owner has received and recorded the requested change of address.
ADMINISTRATION FEE: Occupant agrees to pay the indicated non-refundable administration fee.
STATEMENTS, NOTICES, RETURNED CHECK CHARGE, LATE PAYMENT FEES AND OTHER CHARGES: Occupant agrees to pay Owner the indicated late fee if rent is received ten (10) or more days after the due date. Occupant will pay Owner the indicated fee for each letter sent to Occupant notifying Occupant of the default. Occupant agrees to pay Owner the indicated “Bad Check Charge” plus all bank charges for any dishonored check. These fees are considered additional rent and are to compensate Owner for labor and other costs of collection. In the event of default, Occupant agrees to pay all collection and lien costs incurred by Owner.
It is expressly understood and agreed that OWNER is not required to nor does OWNER send out monthly statements or reminders of rental due dates. Notification will only be given when rent is delinquent. The amount of such service charge(s) is posted above. Such charges are due without prior notice as additional rent. Time is of the essence and in the event any rental and/or service charge is due and unpaid, the OWNER may terminate this agreement by reason of default in the payment of rent.
NOTICES: All notices required by this rental agreement shall be sent by first class mail postage prepaid to Occupant's last known mailing address or by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the occupant. Notices shall be deemed given when deposited in the United States mail or sent to the electronic mail address provided by Occupant. Occupant agrees that mailed notice is conclusively presumed to have been received by Occupant five (5) days after mailing, unless returned to Owner by the U.S. Postal Service and that electronic mail notices shall be deemed delivered upon sending unless Owner receives notice of non-delivery within 48 hours of sending the notice. All statutory notices shall be sent as required by law.
OWNER'S LIEN: The California Self-Storage Facility Act (California Business and Professions Code Section 21700 - 21716) grants the OWNER a lien upon all personal property located at this self-service storage facility for rent, labor, late payment fees, or other charges present or future, incurred pursuant to this rental agreement and for expenses necessary for the preservation, sale, or other disposition of personal property in accordance with said act. The OCCUPANT'S property will be subject to the claim of lien and may even be sold to satisfy the lien if the rent or other charges do remain unpaid for 14 consecutive days as authorized by California Business and Professions Code Section 21700 - 21716. For purposes of OWNER'S lien: "personal property" means movable property, not affixed to land, and includes, but is not limited to common goods, merchandise, household items. The OWNER'S lien is superior to any other lien or security interest, except a lien that is perfected and recorded on vehicles or vessels subject to registration or identification as required by law. It is the OCCUPANT'S responsibility to disclose the existence of any lien on any stored items. "Last known address," means that the address provided by the OCCUPANT in the latest rental agreement or the address provided by the OCCUPANT in a subsequent written notice of change of address.
INSPECTION: OCCUPANT has been afforded an opportunity to inspect the premises and the project property, and by placing his initials in the margin, acknowledges and agrees that the premises and the common areas of the project are satisfactory for OCCUPANT's purposes, including the Safety and Security thereof, for which OCCUPANT shall use the premises or the common areas of the premises. OCCUPANT shall be entitled to access the premises and the common areas of the premises only during such hours and on such days as are regularly posted at the premises.

Office Hours are Monday - Friday 10AM - 6:00PM
Saturday 10AM - 4PM
Gate hours are from 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., "NO EXIT AFTER 9:00 p.m."

Any special exceptions or conditions to this rental agreement are to be written in the space that follows:

CROSS COLLATERALIZATION OF SPACES: When Occupant rents more than one space at this facility, the rent is secured by the property in all the spaces rented. Failure by Occupant to pay on any space shall be considered a default on all spaces rented. Owner may exercise all remedies, including, denial of access to the facility and sale of the property, if all rent on all spaces is not paid when due.
GATE ACCESS REVOKED: When rent or other charges remain unpaid for ten (10) consecutive days, Owner may revoke Occupant’s gate access code. Occupant will only have access to the space during office hours. Initial:_______
TERMINATION: Thirty (30) days advanced written notice given by Owner or Occupant to the other party will terminate this tenancy. Owner does not prorate rent. Occupant must leave the space broom clean and in good condition. Occupant is responsible for all damages. In the event that the Occupant breaches this contract, violates any of the property rules set forth in this contract, or otherwise commits a crime and/or breaks the law while on the premises, Owner has the right, at their sole discretion, to deliver a three (3) day notice to vacate the premises to the Occupant, in writing, by mail, electronic mail, and/or hand delivery. Occupant hereby agrees to vacate the premises within the allowed three (3) day period, and agrees to pay for any past due rent and/or late fees, or any other fees for damages to the unit and/or property. Occupant agrees that if he/she has not vacated the premises within the specified amount of time, his/her right to access and use the property will terminate. Initial: _________
USE OF STORAGE SPACE: Owner is not engaged in the business of storing goods for hire and no bailment is created under this agreement. Owner does not exercise care, custody, nor control, over Occupant's stored property. Occupant agrees to use the storage space only for the storage of property wholly owned by Occupant. There shall be no residential occupancy of the Space and Occupant shall not store food or any perishable items in the space. Occupant shall not store antiques, artworks, heirlooms, collectibles or any property having special or sentimental value to Occupant. Occupant waives any claim for emotional or sentimental attachment to the stored property.
Limitation of Value of Stored Property: Occupant agrees not to store property with a total value in excess of $5,000 without the written permission of the Owner. If such written permission is not obtained, the value of Occupant's property shall be deemed not to exceed $5,000. Occupant may be required to demonstrate proof of insurance before such increase will be granted. Nothing herein shall constitute any agreement or admission by Owner that Occupant's stored property has any value, nor shall anything alter the release of Owner's liability set forth below.
HAZARDOUS OR TOXIC MATERIALS PROHIBITED: Occupant is strictly prohibited from storing or using materials in the storage space or on the facility classified as hazardous or toxic under any local, state or federal law or regulation, and from engaging in any activity, which produces such materials. Occupant's obligation of indemnity as set forth below specifically includes any costs, expenses, fines, or penalties imposed against the Owner, arising out of the storage or use of any hazardous or toxic material by Occupant, Occupant's agents, employees, invitees or guests. Owner may enter the storage space at any time to remove and dispose of prohibited items.
INSURANCE: Occupant, at Occupant's expense, shall maintain a policy of fire, extended coverage endorsement, burglary, vandalism and malicious mischief insurance for the actual cash value of stored property. Insurance on Occupant's property is a material condition of this agreement and is for the benefit of both Occupant and Owner. Failure to carry the required insurance is a breach of this agreement and Occupant assumes all risk of loss to stored property that would be covered by such insurance. Occupant expressly agrees that the insurance company providing such insurance shall not be subrogated to any claim of Occupant against Owner, Owner's agents, or employees for loss of or damage to stored property.
NON- LIABILITY OWNER FOR DAMAGES INSURANCE OBLIGATION OF OCCUPANT: This agreement is made on the express condition that OWNER is to be free from all liability and claim for damages by reason of injury or damages of any kind to any person, including OCCUPANT, or property of any kind whatsoever and to whomever belonging, except injuries caused by an affirmative act of OWNER or OWNER'S agent, and OCCUPANT hereby agrees to hold OWNER harmless from any liability, loss, cost (including, without limitation, attorneys fees), or obligation on account of arising out of any such injuries or losses however occurring, and OCCUPANT agrees that OWNER'S liabilities for damages/damage occasioned by it or its agent shall be limited to the sum of $100.00. Insurance carried by the OWNER shall be for the sole benefit of the OWNER. The OCCUPANT shall make no claim whatsoever against OWNER'S insurance. Therefore, OCCUPANT secures his own insurance to protect himself and his property against all perils of whatsoever nature. OWNER shall not be liable whatsoever to any extent to OCCUPANT or OCCUPANT'S invitees, family, employees, agents or servants for any personal injury or property damage or loss from theft, vandalism, fire, smoke, water, mold, mildew, rodents, hurricanes, rain, tornadoes, explosions, earthquakes, acts of God or any cause whatsoever. It is specifically understood and agreed that OWNER need not be concerned with the kind, quality, or value of personal property or other goods stored by OCCUPANT.
RELEASE OF OWNER'S LIABILITY FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE: All personal property stored within or upon the storage space by Occupant shall be at Occupant's sole risk. Owner and Owner's agents and employees shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any personal property in the storage space or at the self storage facility arising from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, burglary, mysterious disappearance, fire, water damage, rodents, Acts of God, the active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of the Owner, Owner's agents or employees.
RELEASE OF OWNER'S LIABILITY FOR BODILY INJURY: Owner, Owner’s agents and employees shall not be liable to Occupant for injury or death as a result of Occupant's use of the storage space or the self storage facility, even if such injury is caused by the active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of the Owner, Owner's agents or employees.
WAIVER: The OCCUPANT agrees to waive OCCUPANT'S right to a jury trial, and agrees not to bring forth or participate in any class–action lawsuit brought against the OWNER.
TIME TO MAKE CLAIM OR BRING SUIT: Occupant must bring any claim that arises out of this rental agreement, the negotiations that proceeded this tenancy, or for loss of or damage to stored property within twelve (12) months of the date of the acts, omissions, or inactions that gave rise to such claim or suit or twelve (12) months after the termination of this rental agreement, whichever occurs first.
NO BAILMENT IS CREATED HERE UNDER: OWNER is not a warehouseman engaged in the business of storing goods for hire, and all property stored within or on the space by OCCUPANT or located at the facility by anyone is at OCCUPANT'S sole risk. OCCUPANT acknowledges that OWNER does not take care, custody, control, possession or dominion over the contents in or on the space or at the facility and does not agree to provide protection for the facility, the space or the contents thereof. OCCUPANT must take whatever steps he deems necessary for what is at the facility or in or on the space. OCCUPANT assumes full responsibility for who has the keys and access to the space.
INDEMNITY: Occupant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Owner from all claims, demands, actions or causes of action (including attorneys' fees and all costs) that are hereinafter brought by others arising out of Occupant's use of the storage space and common areas, including claims for Owner's active negligence.
WAIVER OF SUBROGATION: OCCUPANT agrees to waive its rights and the rights of its insurance company for any claim for loss or damages against the OWNER.
COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: OCCUPANT shall not store in the premises any items which shall be in violation of any order or requirement imposed by any board of health, sanitary department, police department, or other government or governmental agency or in violation of any other legal requirements, or do any act, or calls to be done any act, which creates or may create a nuisance and/or hazard.
USE AND ALTERATIONS: OCCUPANT shall not make or allow any alterations to the premises. The premises shall be used for storage purposes only as to those approved for such storage by the OWNER, such as merchandise, household goods, furniture, materials, supplies, equipment, boats and campers owned by OCCUPANT, and for no other use. The OCCUPANT agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the OWNER, and further agrees that the OWNER shall have the continuing right to amend such rules and regulations from time to time as the OWNER in his sole discretion shall deem proper, and the OCCUPANT agrees to comply with such amendments within a reasonable time following notification of such amendments. The OCCUPANT acknowledges that he has read the rules and regulations that may be attached hereto and that he has also observed a copy of said rules and regulations posted in the office of the project.
WASTE, QUIET CONDUCT, MAINTENANCE: OCCUPANT shall not commit, or allow to be committed, any waste upon the premises or in any building or property adjacent to the premises, nor shall OCCUPANT use the premises for any business use or purpose in any manner deemed by the OWNER to be disruptive or hazardous. The storage of welding, flammable, explosive or other inherently dangerous materials is prohibited. OCCUPANT shall take good care of the premises, whether to the interior or exterior of the premises necessitated or occasioned by the act or neglect of OCCUPANT or any agent of OCCUPANT or other person for whose acts OCCUPANT is responsible. OCCUPANT shall not cause or permit any hazardous substance or any highly corrosive, toxic, or pollutant type materials to be stored, used, generated, or disposed of on or in the premises by OCCUPANT, OCCUPANT'S agents, employees or invitees. If hazardous substances are stored, used, generated, or disposed of on or in the premises, or if the premises becomes contaminated in any manner for which the OCCUPANT is legally liable, OCCUPANT shall identify and hold harmless the OWNER from any and all claims, damages, fines, judgments, penalties, costs, liabilities, or losses, and any and all sums paid for settlement of claims, attorney's fees, consultant and expert fees, arising during or after the lease term and arising as a result of that contamination by OCCUPANT. Without limitation of the foregoing, if OCCUPANT causes or permits the presence of any hazardous substance on the premises and that results in contamination, OCCUPANT shall promptly, at its sole expense, take any and all necessary actions to return the premises to the condition existing prior to the presence of such hazardous substance on the premises.
LOCKS: At all times during the occupancy of the rented space, the OCCUPANT will provide, at OCCUPANT'S own expense, a disc lock for the premises that OCCUPANT, and OCCUPANT'S sole discretion, deems sufficient to secure the occupied space. Although there may be a place on the door of the rented space for a second lock, OCCUPANT is only permitted to use a single lock. OWNER has the right, as he deems necessary, or at the request of any governmental authority, to remove such lock by cutting or any other means. In the event any governmental agency or authority should demand that OCCUPANT'S space be open for any reason, OCCUPANT will be properly notified. If OWNER or any authorized governmental agency removes OCCUPANT'S lock, the OWNER may elect to secure the OCCUPANT space with OWNER'S over lock until the OCCUPANT can inspect the rented space and provide a new lock to secure said space. The OWNER or any authorized governmental agency shall not be held liable for the replacement of any lock that is damaged by forced entry. When the OCCUPANT'S lock is removed by OWNER or any authorized governmental agency, and the OWNER's over lock remains on the occupied space, said action does not constitute bailment in any manner. This action by OWNER is a temporary measure until OCCUPANT can inspect and provide a new lock to secure the rented space. In the event that OCCUPANT requires their lock to be removed by cutting or by any other means other than the way the lock was designed to be removed, OCCUPANT agrees that all locks must be removed by facility personnel, or a licensed locksmith professional only. If OCCUPANT elects to have a licensed locksmith professional remove his/her lock, OCCUPANT agrees that this shall be conducted during business hours, in the presence of management, after management has verified the locksmiths professional license and identification. OCCUPANT understands that they may not remove any locks on their own. OCCUPANT further agrees that any attempts to remove any lock on the property constitutes as a breach in the terms of this agreement and as such, OCCUPANT'S contract would be subject to termination. Initial: _________
RULES AND REGULATIONS: Owner shall have the right to establish or change the hours of operation for the facility and to promulgate rules and regulations for the safety, care and cleanliness of the storage space or the preservation of good order on the facility. Occupant agrees to follow all rules and regulations now in effect, or that may be put into effect from time to time.
PROPERTY LEFT IN THE STORAGE SPACE: Any property that remains in or around the OCCUPANT'S rented space or on the premises after the termination of this agreement shall be deemed to have been abandoned in that the same has no monetary value, and such property may be retained by OWNER as its property or disposed of in such manner as OWNER may see fit. The OWNER may also deem, at OWNER'S sole discretion, the contents abandoned if the OCCUPANT removes the lock from the rented space. By contract the OCCUPANT is required to maintain a lock of the occupied space at all times. If said abandoned property or any part thereof is sold, OWNER may receive and retain the proceeds of such sale and apply the same, at its option, against the expense of the sale, the cost of moving and storage, and any arrears of rent or additional rent payable hereunder and any damages to which OWNER may be entitled. If the OWNER deems the property to have no sellable value, the OWNER may dispose of the property at OCCUPANT'S expense. Initial: _________
OCCUPANT ACCESS: OCCUPANT'S access to the storage facility may be conditioned in any manner deemed reasonably necessary by OWNER to maintain order including, but not limited to, revocation of Gate Access when rent or other charges remain unpaid for ten (10) consecutive days. If Gate Access is revoked, OCCUPANT will only have access to the space during office hours and must first check-in at the office prior to further entry into the facility and/or access to the space. Other measures may include, but are not limited to, limiting hours of operation, requiring verification of OCCUPANT'S identity and inspecting vehicles that enter the storage facility.
OWNER'S RIGHT TO ENTER: Occupant grants Owner, Owner's agents or representatives of any governmental authority, including police and fire officials, access to the storage space upon three (3) days advanced written notice to Occupant. In the event of an emergency, Owner, Owner's agents or representatives of governmental authority shall have the right to enter the storage space without notice to Occupant, and take such action as may be necessary or appropriate to protect the storage facility, to comply with applicable law or enforce Owner's rights.
ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLETTING: Occupant shall not assign or sublease the storage space. Owner may withhold permission to sublet or assign for any reason or for no reason in Owner’s sole discretion.
COVENANT OR CONDITION WAIVER: The waiver by either party of any breach of any term, covenant or condition herein contained shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such term, covenant or condition upon any subsequent breach of the same term, covenant or condition. Any subsequent acceptance of performance shall be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding breach of any term, covenant or condition of this agreement, other than the failure to perform the particular duty subsequently accepted, regardless of knowledge of such proceeding breach at the time of acceptance of such performance.
ATTORNEY'S FEES AND COSTS: In the event any action is instituted, or other proceedings taken to enforce any covenants herein contained or to recover any rent due or to recover possession of the premises for any default or breach of this agreement by OCCUPANT, OCCUPANT shall pay OWNER'S reasonable attorney's fees, costs and expenses.
NUMBER AND GENDER: Wherever the context of this agreement appears to require it, the singular number shall include the plural, and vice versa, and the masculine gender shall include the feminine and/or neuter genders, and vice versa.
CONSTRUCTION: This agreement has been reviewed and negotiated and its terms and provisions explained to OCCUPANT. Accordingly, this agreement shall not be construed for or against either OWNER or OCCUPANT.
SEVERABILITY: In the event that any of the provisions or portions thereof of this storage agreement are held to be unenforceable, invalid, void or illegal, by any court of competent jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions or portions hereof shall not be affected or impaired thereby.
SALE OF CONTENTS: The California Self–Service Storage Facility Act grants the OWNER a lien upon all personal property, whether or not owned by the OCCUPANT, located at the self–storage facility for rent, labor or other charges. In case any rent shall be due and unpaid, or OCCUPANT shall default in any of the covenants or conditions herein contained, or if the self storage unit shall be abandoned or vacated by OCCUPANT, the OWNER may elect to exercise any rights it may have to enforce its lien in accordance with the Act and/or any other applicable California state laws.
MILITARY SERVICE MEMBER: If OCCUPANT or their spouse is a member or becomes a member of the armed forces, a reserve branch of the armed forces, or the National Guard during the term of this agreement, OCCUPANT must disclose said information to OWNER in the last known address area of the contract or via written notice to the OWNER. If you are transferred or deployed overseas on active duty you must provide OWNER written evidence of the transfer or deployment prior to the transfer or deployment. The OWNER will rely on this information to determine the applicability of the Service Members Civil Relief Act.
ELECTRICITY: In the event there is an electrical outlet within the leased or rented space for the purpose of providing a light or for plugging in an electrical appliance, the OCCUPANT is cautioned that the power to the electrical circuit may be turned on or off at the option of the OWNER. Accordingly, the OCCUPANT is required to turn off all lights and disconnect any powered appliance before leaving the rented space. If continuous and/or intermittent electric service is desired and is available, special arrangements must be made with the manager for its use. If such an arrangement is made, the OWNER assumes no liability resulting from any failure, regardless of the source of failure of the power supply.
COMMUNICATION: Occupant understands that Owner and Occupant are entering into a business relationship. Occupant agrees to keep at least one valid and working phone number on file with Owner at all times for the purposes of contact by Owner Occupant authorizes and consents to Owner contacting Occupant at Occupant’s residence, cell phone and email box by automated telephone calls, texts or emails. Such automated calls or messages may be used for conveying important facility information, marketing or collection purposes.
NO WARRANTIES: No expressed or implied warranties are given by Owner, Owner's agents or employees as to the suitability of the storage space for Occupant's intended use. Owner disclaims and Occupant waives any implied warranties of suitability or fitness for a particular use.
NO ORAL AGREEMENTS: This rental agreement contains the entire agreement between Owner and Occupant, and no oral agreements shall be of any effect whatsoever. Occupant acknowledges that no representations or warranties have been made with respect to the safety, security or suitability of the storage space for the storage of Occupant's property, and that Occupant has made his own determination of such matters solely from inspection of the storage space and the facility. Occupant agrees that he is not relying, and will not rely, upon any oral representation made by Owner or by Owner's agents or employees purporting to modify or add to this rental agreement. Occupant understands and agrees that this agreement may be modified only in writing, signed by both parties.
SUCCESSION: All provisions of this rental agreement shall apply to and be binding upon all successors in interest, assigns or representatives of the parties hereto.
ENFORCEMENT: If any part of this rental agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason, in any circumstance, the parties agree that such part shall be enforceable in other circumstances, and that all the remaining parts of this agreement will be valid and enforceable.
SPACE SIZE APPROXIMATE: Space sizes are approximate and for comparison purposes only. Spaces may be smaller than indicated in advertising or other size indicators.
NO ALTERATIONS: Occupant shall make no alterations to the interior or exterior of the space without the written permission of the Owner authorizing such alterations.
AGREEMENT READ, COPY RECEIVED AND INCORPORATION OF PROVISIONS BELOW: By placing your initials on the margin here, OCCUPANT acknowledges that they have read, are familiar with, and agree to (A) all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, and (B) the provisions, and OWNER and OCCUPANT agree that all such provisions constitute a material part of this agreement and are hereby incorporated by reference, including the reviewing of all bold faced items. OCCUPANT acknowledges receipt of a true and exact copy of this agreement and of the rules and regulations of this facility. Initials:_______

Do not sign this agreement until you have read it, including the provision on the other side, and fully understand it. This agreement limits the Owner’s liability for loss of or damage to your stored property. If you have any questions concerning its legal effect, consult your legal advisor.





1. OFFICE HOURS are 10AM – 6PM Monday – Friday; Saturday 10AM – 4PM; CLOSED on Sunday. ACCESS HOURS are 6AM – 9PM every day. If you are locked on the property after access hours (9PM) and it becomes necessary for us to let you out, a fee will be assessed in the amount of $120.00. Initials:_______

2. Garbage cans on property are NOT for public use. Usage of the garbage cans and/or ANY unauthorized dumping will assess a MINIMUM fee of $120.00. Initials:_______

3. The OFFICE will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving and Christmas, though ACCESS HOURS remain the same.
Please place only ONE lock on the unit. If you misplace your keys and need your lock removed, we can remove the lock with identification, a signed cut-lock authorization form, and payment of a $40.00 convenience fee (prior to lock being cut). Initials:_______

4. If you require any person other than yourself or other parties listed by you on your lease to have access to the facility, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to provide said party with your UNIT NUMBER, ACCESS CODE, and KEY TO YOUR UNIT. If you misplace your access code or unit number, you must come to the office during office hours with identification to obtain the information from us. This information will not be provided over the telephone or to any users not listed as additional access. Initials:_______

5. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the actions of any children/guests that accompany you onto the property or are accessing your unit representative of you, REGARDLESS of your presence on the property. Please leave pets inside your vehicle at all times while on the property. Initials:_______

6. NO food unless in sealed cans. DO NOT affix any hooks, screws, nails, or shelving to the walls of the unit and/or make any alterations to the unit itself. Post NO notices, advertisements, or lettering on the outside of the unit. Unit MAY NOT be used as a business or residence. ABSOLUTELY NO corrosive, explosive, hazardous, radioactive, and/or toxic materials may be stored. Please see the full terms and conditions for more details. Initials:_______


8. Please be courteous of others when parking and DO NOT park in any of the vehicle storage spaces if they are not assigned to you. Initials:_______

9. Tenant invoices are sent via text message and email six (6) days prior to the 1st of the month. NO physical invoice will be mailed to the tenant. However, it is the TENANT'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure payment is made on time and FAILURE TO RECEIVE AN INVOICE DOES NOT EXCUSE OR PREVENT ANY LATE OR LIEN FEES FROM ACCRUING. Initials:_______

10. A signed intent-to-vacate notice is required NO LESS THAN ten (10) days prior to move-out. Initials:_______

11. ANY AND ALL funds collected toward rent - past, current, or future - are NON-REFUNDABLE either in part or whole. Initials:_______

Occupant agrees that by signing below, the above rules are accepted and understood and have been read by the Occupant.


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Parking Addendum

It is understood and agreed that the references to “Property” and “Goods” in the rental agreement shall include recreational vehicles, vehicles, boats and trailers as well as their contents. Prior to storage of any vehicle, a copy of the registration must be provided to OWNER. Copies will be maintained in OWNER files. All vehicles and both must be currently registered to OCCUPANT. All terms and conditions of the rental agreement shall apply except as otherwise provided for in this addendum.

  1. USE OF SPACE: OCCUPANT shall park only one vehicle or boat per rental agreement. OCCUPANT shall only park the vehicle or boat in the space designated in this agreement. The vehicle or a boat must be owned by OCCUPANT. All parked vehicles and boats must be in operating condition.
  2. OWNER’S LIEN: OWNER has a lien on OCCUPANT’S vehicle or boat as provided by the California Self-service Storage Facility Act and shall enforce lien on vehicles and boats as provided by Department of Motor Vehicle regulations in effect at the time of sale. If OWNER determines the OCCUPANT'S vehicle is non-operational or boat is not seaworthy OWNER may have the vehicle or the boat hauled away from the premises by a wrecking or salvage company
  3. INSURANCE OBLIGATION: OCCUPANT agrees to maintain, at OCCUPANT'S sole expense, a policy of the comprehensive physical damage coverage for the full value of OCCUPANT’S vehicle or boat. Insurance on OCCUPANT’S vehicle or boat is a material condition of this agreement and is for the benefit of both the OCCUPANT and OWNER. Failure to carry out the required insurance is a breach of this agreement and OCCUPANT assumes all risk of loss to the vehicle or boat that would be covered by such insurance. OCCUPANT expressly agrees that the insurance company providing such insurance shall not be subrogated to any claim of OCCUPANT against OWNER and/or the OWNER'S agents or employees, for loss of or any damage to any vehicle or boat.
  4. WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE TO VEHICLE OR BOAT: OCCUPANT'S vehicle or boat parked at OCCUPANT'S sole risk. The OWNER and/or OWNER'S agents and employees, shall not be liable to OCCUPANT for loss of or damage to the OCCUPANT'S parked vehicle, boat, or the property within the vehicle or boat arising from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, theft, mysterious disappearance, fire, water damage, rodents, acts of God, the active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of the OWNER and/or the OWNER'S agents or employees.
  5. RELOCATION: In the event of an emergency or to make repairs, OWNER shall have the right to move OCCUPANT'S vehicle or watercraft to another part of the premises. If the OCCUPANT'S vehicle or boat is not properly parked within the boundaries of the space designated above, if OCCUPANT parks a vehicle or boat other than the one described in the agreement, or if the OCCUPANT violates any rule posted by OWNER, the vehicle or boat may be relocated, towed, and/or impounded at the OCCUPANT'S expense.
  6. MAINTENANCE PROHIBITED: OCCUPANT shall not perform any maintenance, repairs, or dismantling of the vehicle or boat on the premises. Extra gasoline, diesel, oil, or any other hazardous materials may not be stored in the vehicle or boat while on the premises.
  7. AUTHORIZED ENTRY: Any person with a valid gate number and a key to the vehicle or watercraft is presumed to have OCCUPANT'S authorization to remove the vehicle or watercraft from the premises.

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